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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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breaking news tonight... the walwor county fair in elkhorn has been evacuated... emplee at the fair says it's because of an unverified security thr have a crew on the way and bring you any updates. more than a dozen were arrested in the pas24 hours in shermanpark...near spot sylville smitwas shot and killed by a milwaukee poce officer. officer.and tonight there's still a small police presence in the 58's kristen barbaresi is live in the neighborhokrten what is the situation night? 3
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situation from 24 hours ago. milwaukee police say they made those arrests last ghts after complaints from residents about a disorderly group gathering here.police say they initialltold the group to leave-and most did- those who stuck around were arrested.e of the people detatined-state representive jonathan brostoff.he says he was just here to help deescalate the situionand once police learned who he was, they let him go.but he says this continued unst can't be sve d byarrests a issues of racial dparities need o be addressed. 00;05;53 i think the better way to address their concerns, instead of bringing in a huge ow of for and police wih their bans readat hand, is working on the preventative not the putive side of thspectr. spectrum. at4th and auer, kristen
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more than half of wisconsin's registeredoters say they've heard "a t" of about the rent unrt in milwaukee... 4 percent have heard nothing at all.that's according to marquette unirsity law school poll, which was released today. today.when they were asked if they feel safe in their community.... 90 percent of non-hispanic whites polled said police makefeel tm mostly safe... just 57 percent of black and non-hispanics. hispanics.37 percent of voters said they believe the unrt happed because people were angry over decades of disadvantage forblk communities... while 48 percent said was mostly due to a lack of respect for law enforcement. frightening reminder as our region gs ready to greet thousands of motoryclists for thmilwaukee rally this weekend.. weekend..a head crash between a motorcycle and car
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lioln.viewers have been leaving comments since we first report this on the news at four. they tell us this inotoriously bad fapolic have not released who what they think is to blame. a 17-yead is facing charges in a deadlycrash that boys.a criminal complaint says donte barn was dring at spds of up to 80-miles an hour when he lost contol of his car.his car hit a tree and spt in half near 35th and keefe friday niit.two passengers died.barnes and a third passge four were all membs say barnes didn't lose control... they believe anothecar may have been involved. 1:01-1:14"a driver in another car... she was about to merge raffin t when she saw dante driving towards her which caused him to swerve around them and ich caused him to hit the tree." tree." the family says poli aren't aware of this other driver. barnes is facing two counts of homicide by negligent use of a
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3 milwaukee police are investigating how a woman's car ended up wrapped around a happened dotown at the corner of jefferson and knapp just after 5 this morning.flight for life transported the driver, a 28-year-old woman, to the hospital.we're told she has serious injuries. 3 the milwaukee county medical examiner is investigating a poible co-sleeping death. police confirming for us that they were called to a home near 40-th and locust shortly before six this morning. that's where a child was found an 86-year-old n berlin man ys he's out onthousand dollars... all because of a group of bogus contractors.and police say he'not the only one.. 58's ric levy is busine buru" with how to keep yourself from becoming a victim.eric? bill...the folks here at the bbb say it's as easy as doing a quick search of the contractor.these thieves
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work is shoddy...and it ends out costing you more than y expect. "there's so many things i could have used that money for, you know?"the bogus roofers went to herb cooper's house on a recent sunday...a red flag..."usuay a contractor don't do work on a saturday oa sunday."but they had a story... story..."you got a hole up on the roof, the racoons must have put a hole up on the roof."mister cooper took their word for it because of how they sweetened the offer... "i'll give you a good deal, i'll do it for a dollars."mister cooper accepted and went to get the cash as one of the other guys asked to use the bathroom.he ended up stealing nine-hundred he'd been saving for three-years."each summer we get this in our area."they work in pairs groups, and tend to rget the elderly... "a lot of times they'll have false identities, t hey'reno giving the actual name, they'll have fake id's."their gypsy-like lifestyle makes it haer for police to find them...
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be alert, to be aware, to report license plate numbers. individuals stay ithe area forly short time."but in that short time, they did some shoddy work to mister cooper's roof, and drained him of the monehe needs to live..."now it's gone." another thing the etter business bureau suggests..ask the alesperson to show you their solicitor's license use ny cities require door-to-door salespeople have a solicitor's license. live in west allis, el michele back to you. police say the three suspects invovled in an elk grove bank robbery are charged. charged.the robbery apped back in february at t-c-f bank. onethe scts, robert crumble junior,was arrested soon after the crime. months ttrack down the other twsuspects. don lonhnson is the acsed getaway driver... and police sa elijah mcgee, stormed the bank
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we know you're supposed to keep quiet in a courtroobut fothe milwaukee woman who lost her baby son.. simple question for the accus accuse n why woulyou do that... just tellme why sean wh" there be nwould answer from sean flowers junior who had a brief court appearance today leading up to his trial for first degree murder.witnesses say held his three month old son do in a pond and drowned hi get tother. secutors say heas angry at the mother and was looking for revenge. so attempts of others to free the baby from his grasp. 3 onof the men accused in the death of 5-year-old laylah petersen was in court this morning for his final heang bere going to trial.carl barrett junior has pleaded no guilty to all charges includinthe reckless hocide of the girl as she t on her grandfather's lap. prosecutors say barrett and two others targeted the wrong
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the rl. barret's trial steptearts ser 26. 3 a cudahy police department 'parking ticket payments' is bound over trial. a mueller is arged with theft and misconduct in office.the misconduct charge is a felony and could lead to a prison term if she's convicted. mueller pleaded not guilty at her preliminary hearing today. the latest marquette univeristy law school poll shows republican donald voters.earlier this month... hillary clinton opened up a 15 point lead over donald trump among likely voters.... voters....but a new poll shows her lead over trump is down to ?three points? points?and among ?registered? voters.... third-party candidates are polling higher than normal. 46-59"for an independent candidate or a libertarian to be polling at 11 percent is quite good... r better than libertarian ndidates have
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he."vo in prevus years her" he." 3 however,he poll shows m voters don't really know who ry johnson is.72 percent of registed and likely voter dot havean opnon onhim. he's going ttry to change at with a stop in milwauke tomorrow night.hll be serb hallit's a free event... door at s opencbs 58's david ade will be covering the event... and we'll have a recap tomorrow night on the news at 10. donald tmp headed south of the border today at the invitation of mexico's es about creating jobs, the 'nafta' trade agreement... and out ilgal immigrants. the p gop presidential candidate says they did not talk about ho? wod pay for the wall. 40-43that'll befor a later day, this was a very preliminary meeting ??22-31we recoize anrespect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its boer borders
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pay or the wall.trump then flew to he gave a majorolicy speech on immigration. democratic rival hilla clinton sas a two hour meetg won't make up for a ye of insulting immigrants. but she's got problems of her favorability rating ever. perhaps because of new revelaons at some ofhe emails from her privater as secretary of state dealt th the nghazi attack that f-b-i says it n plans to rease notes from its interviewith cnton. morrow is the first day of school for many students ross southeast wisconsin...and anety, especy for 58's marshanna hest is in the studio to explain, marshanna.. bill, a new routine starts for housands of families tomorr rk-- everything has to be in place.. lunches,thes, supp.l tonight-- we found some pants scrambling to beat the back to school bell.. naof carcars me and go from target."47.'s 14 itt
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check last-minute suppliesf that back to school . clifn phelps hasfour students to sendoff thursday beacuse itthe day before school but there's always gonna be something once yo get the school list back from the techer that you gotta go back and get. 45.48according 30 percent of pares polled say back-to-school shopping puts a strain on family and retail experts say family budgets are increasing, partly beause of the cost of electronics. uniforms, clothes." clothes."51.10 we know where we're supposed to be going and we're just gonna grab it and go.having a list ancashing in on sales areways some o save money...but the anticipation of going back to school is st as exciting for kids48.27 yeah asit is r parents... 51.3tired of spendioney tertaing th they want to go places
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getting kids back-to-school is exct to take abite out nation retail federation edicts ameri willpend more than7 billion dollars-- either in-stores or online.. backo you. 3 w the united way helped this little girl finally find a way to communicate ..comingp next..the challenges thecharity others like her 3 and aaron rodgers wearing a neoutfit today... that defily gold...drew?
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russ fngold: i'm russ feingold and i approve thisessage. narrator: sten to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finan. rratn't understand is,ohnson morehan 800,000 wisconsinites ve student loans. rrbut wants to eliminateson
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kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, portunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnsos not for students. not for wisconsin. ron johnsos not for students. the ited w has kicd off
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than 60 million dollars within the next year. 58s ev kruegel is in the so with me on y that number is so important. wasust last year that the united waofgreater milwaukee merged with the uned way of ukesha - creating a singr serve four separate counties. last year's campaignped over 60-million-dolls so they're hoping the community can do it again. at the milwaukeecounty zoo - they camwearing white - a formal affair to raise money for a good cause. but instead of focusin the 300 species at the zoo - the focus was on one - and the united way's funaising campaign32:42 "we undstand what the challees are, we undersnd what e oppos are, and we are committed every year to raising more money that we can invest back into the community."dozens ce to hear stories from those impacted by the united way - ike 7-year-oldmaya lhllier - born pre-mature with down syndrome and visual
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rely couldn'tlk, she couldn't talk, she coul really move. since coming vision forward, move. sin coming orwatsion, as yo specialid erapy - allowing hel maya to develop and grow. :3i ca7: "t even explain to you the depth of everying they have done for us and the program thas hped maya m organizationreaching even erhis ye - settg a fundraising goal 60,125,000. "it really tes everyonee community chipping in from 1 dollar to million dollto everything in tween, to ma goalthis happen." in milwaukee - ev kruegel - cbs58news. the united way helps about 220 programs iour area.... if you'd like to help we've got a link on our website cbs58-dot-com. more money is coming to
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more than 2 and a half million llars will be used to improve cess to treatment, reduce opioid-related deaths, and trengthen drug prevention efforts.the money comes from the u-s department of health and human services. 3 state presentative joel kleefisch says he's planning to introduce a bill outlawing the nthetic drug "u-47-700". the drug has been linked to two deaths in racine county. kleefisch's bill wou ban the sale and possession of opio.chemicals in the drug are similiar to heroin, but it's different enough have stayed off wisconsin's controlled substance list. ?mother? teresa will become ?saint? teresa during a service at the vatican sunday. to mark the occasion-- marquette university celebrated a special mass today. today...the tribute had many remembering her milwaukee visit back in she had many one n one etings with some families and how she brought comfort to one mas wife who was battling cancer at the time. sal sendik / met mother teresa
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by themselves. and they introduced themselves and we introduced ourselves. and i was just a conversation and she held my 's hand and shjust h a smile on her fa that she never lost until the day she died i don't think." think."during her visit, mother teresa was given the 'pe marqute discovery award' -- marquette university ghest honor. 3 florida is bracing for tropical storm herne the system, whas ich hready ded portions ofthe threatening to is winds and to 15 inches of rain. the storm is pected t make landfall early friday morning near the florida panhandle. 3
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chance for a shower lakeside. little chilly with lows in the upper 50s. wind: ne 5-15 mph. thursday: sun and clouds, comfortable and a litle breezy this afternoon. cooler with highs in the upper 60s. wind: ne 10-20 mph.labor day weekd: lots of sun sticks around for friday with temps reaching the lower 70s. stays sunny to start the holiday weekend with clouds chances holding off for now. warming up slightly starting in the middle 70s saturday and right around 800 for sunday. monday will feature highs back
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barbershops and books.a no idea that's popped up in the city of milwaukee. au kids books inttheir shops. the rternship is signde to the hient between bland wh students.pgram organizers believving reading material into a famiar venue like a barbershop wilhelp them learn. that they know that they don't geraphy books every day. you can just pi up a comic book and exercise yo mind. y can pick up any different magazine and just ercise
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the program kicked off day at the chcago cutz barbershop. to celebrate, the owner offered free backpacks, school supplies... and of course, ck-to-school haircuts. about 33housanpeople in wisconsin will be diagnosed with cancer this year.and the xt timyou grab lunch at cousins cubs... you're helping fight the disease. e.diseay, the wisconsin based sandwich chain announced the second annual "coos for a cure".starting tomorrow. when you buy a combo meal at any cousins subs in sconsin, ion of the fotion and fu nc research. 21:30-38we need to create a lot of tea to get the resources we need to fund resech and make w cunees survivors00-0do things differently focusing t dollars we date tpefic projects for the direct impc fofamilies and friends in our local community, it stays h. here. 'coms for a cause' through e month f stember at ?all? wisconsin cousins
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on the cbs news at four... hear more about this rtership... and how you ca help. a new fixture in dontown wausau was barley noticed... but now it's making some nois noise.2:12-2:15piano music 1:46-1:48 makes beautiful noise, you can play music so people can enjoy enjoy knew who put it there... it e turns out, the city's 'riv the piano on craigs lt.thy hope the piano will enure
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shouldn't knee and ankle suppts comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommes our custom-fit support that's right f you. w dr. scholl's custom fit kle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at mattws: "the truth will come out and i'm not worried about it because i carry myself a certain way and that's the
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for the last eight mo clay matthews and julius peppers have denied any rumors, rumblings or speculation that they took performance enhancing drugs....after a long investigation the n-f-l agrees..... the league cleared both packers linebackers saying they found no credible evidence that matthews or peppers were given or used p-e- d's...........this all started with al-jazeera's allegations in december...the league started iestigating in january and met with e two packers last week before clearing them...both matthews and pepperse play week one in jacksonville... steelers linebacker james harrison was cleared today too while peyton manning was cleared last month......former packer mike neal is the only one left now....he also tervied with the league, but is still under review... believe it or not the brewers only have 10 home games left......toght's their final dance with the cardinals at miller park.... park....kirk niwenhuis is ready to break their six game losing skid.....he absolutely demolishes a three run homer to strike first and give matt
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the thd inning.....garza finally has some momentum coming off his best start of the season.....he has not plans to waste nieuwenhuis' hard work....garza throws a masterpiece night....he allows one run on three hits with eight strikeouts through seven innings...milwaukee ns 3-1... all eyes are on c-m punk as he gets ready r his first u-f-c fight next week........but hometown hero anthony pett is still milwaukee's best coming off the most relieving win of his career... earl arms catches up with the champ... 3 3 the win column again. anthony pettis a winner once again after saturday's erwefeathht fight. battling injuries, three straight losses and a new weight class, pettisays he was fighitng more than just charles olivra.anthy pettis my character was tested, everything was tested. my life outside the cage wastested. i had to dig deep for this one. i had to get back to my roots about falling in the lovewith the sport. results, forget about who i'm ghting and that's what i did.duke roufus says this is the perfect reset for the former lightweight
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picture of his father on his back, and he'd beat these guys down like they were the guys that killed his father. this has been the biggest blessing in disguise for anthon he had to grow and find a new motivation.sounds like pettis has his motivation-and a new strategy to win.i don't want to go to disions anymore. my last three fights were decisions. the first two rounds i thought i had him but that last round i was able to finish.early arms, cbs 58 sports it's sports at sherman local teens baskball tournament .... it's part of a busy schedule of sports with go, rugby and kickll, buone of?pth orga saynizersbaballs uniting milwe's youth. sports has nevereen specific a race, age or a particular pe of peit'sople. something anyone can or at let watch. especially basketball
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and tother. at keeps us united the orts ntinue with flag football tomorrow bere
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aaron rodgers was sporting a new look today....the packers posted this photo of the quarterback wearing a cowboy hat, alue paisley-pri shirt... and a moustache. he wore the outfit to team's annual 'welcome back' ncheon at lambeau field.and, ight have started a trend... a few other players were also sporting cowboy hats 3 an exhibit dedicated to ary legendcks quarterback brett favre is now features game-worn jerseys and videos.there's also momentos from the hall of famer's time in green bay. 36-47"it'sot only a tribute to brett himself and his memorable performance, but alsoou'll see the retionship with fans and really how he revitalized the franchise." 3
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hope the displays keep favre's legendary aying history alive for legendary playing history alive r generations come. 3
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unrtunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less an men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for pa leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. s: good call! feinld: i'm russ feingold
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